Bite-sized training
for your workforce

Delivered over smartphones

Bite-sized training
for your workforce


The distracted generation

Our world is full of distractions. As a result, attention spans have decreased dramatically. Long training sessions do not cater to our new way of life. We need to upgrade the way we learn.

A better training approach

Welcome to a new world, where lean training is effective training. We call it bite-sized learing or micro-learning. Here, every word counts. A lean approach to training has a slew of advantages for you and your employees. And it produces tangible results.

Our solution

We use flash cards as a metaphor for micro-learning activities. Cards are cheap to build and easy to consume. They are also versatile and beautiful. Each side conveys a simple message. Each card is self-contained. Combined, cards tell fascinating stories. This reduces the cognitive overload and reinforces acquired knowledge. Wherever your people are. Through their smartphone.

A well-rounded experience

Cards are just the tip of the iceberg. We've build a rich set of features around them. Micro-assessments are a powerful tool for various compliance scenarios. Gamification elements allow for healthy and engaging completition among learners. And multimedia extensions turn your cards to a gateway of rich learning.

An all-inclusive package

Our offer includes everything you need in one neat package:

A branded mobile app, configured to your precise needs.

A vast library of ready-made topics to populate your mobile app.

Powerful tools to help you create your own learning sets.

A web portal to produce reports, manage content and users.

Welcome to the future of learning. Time to get results.

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